AescuLink-remote treatment in real time

AescuLink is the innovative software solution that enables medical incidents to be handled from anywhere – from scheduled exams to life-threatening emergencies. Thanks to AescuLink, a tele-physician (or tele-emergency physician/TNA) can diagnose and transmit treatment instructions with the help of a helper on site. Time is of the essence in medical emergencies, so AescuLink performs all actions in real time to ensure that each patient receives the best possible treatment.

AescuLink provides the tele-physician with all the necessary tools and information to provide successful remote treatment. With our solution, medical tasks such as history taking, physical examination, equipment diagnostics, diagnosis creation and treatment instructions can be completed quickly and efficiently. Through our multilateral audio-visual and textual connection between caregiver, patient and tele-physician, high quality voice and high definition video communication is available.

AescuLink also supports device diagnostics such as 12-lead ECG, electronic auscultation, pulmonary function testing, etc. through a variety of connected medical devices. Our solution enables the tele-physician to treat the patient as if he were directly in the doctor’s treatment room Discover the full range of AescuLink’s capabilities and how we can help you deliver healthcare to your patients on a secure basis..