Vattenfall DanTysk and Sandbank

Vattenfall operates the wind farms in the North Sea DanTysk with 80 wind turbines (WTGs) and Sandbank with 72 wind turbines. The DanTysk (OAP Offshore Accommodation Platform) residential platform was built for the employees and service providers. The concept of accommodating operating and service personnel for offshore wind farms on a permanently installed platform is so far unique for the offshore wind industry in Germany.

Since not only the platform but also the wind turbines are to be supplied telemedically here, a functional test with AescuLink was carried out on a wind turbine in Enge Sande. Following the successful completion of the test, Vattenfall awarded the contract to GHC Since then, the DanTysk OAP and the two wind farms, DanTysk and Sandbank, have received uninterrupted telemedicine coverage from AescuLink.

We are very pleased about the good cooperation with Vattenfall.

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