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Telemedicine technology

Our solution is based on the AescuLink platform. The core of the AescuLink solution consists of the following components:

  • The subsystem for the patient (AescuLink on the patient). A range of medical and non-medical devices can be connected here and used for various specialties such as general medicine, emergency medicine, maritime medicine, cardiology, etc. Among our users, it has become customary to refer to this part of the system in short form simply as AescuLink.
  • The subsystem for the tele-doctor (AescuLink at the tele-doctor): The tele-physician or tele-emergency doctor can optionally treat cases from a stationary workstation or also with a mobile workstation.
  • Between the multitude of AescuLink systems at the patient and the AescuLink systems at the tele-physician, an exchange is required – analogous to a telephone system. We call this exchange XTMCU (cross application/cross platform multipoint control unit). For certain users, we operate this XTMCU. However, the customer can also operate the XTMCU himself.

Which components can be configured into a useful application is clearly illustrated in the individual areas such as Offshore Wind, Maritime, Tele-Emergency Doctor, Nursing Homes and Rural Supply.


In order to be able to operate the telemedicine technology mentioned above, a number of services may be necessary. First and foremost, this is the telemedicine service. Other services include the establishment and operation of an uninterruptible data transmission network, manufacturer instruction/training of users and assistance in meeting technical requirements such as those of the MDR/MPDG, MPBetreibV, MPAMIV, DSGVO and IT security issues. Here we offer first-hand support.

Areas of application

We describe below the features of the AescuLink platform and then the use cases in the areas:

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